SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT807B

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2 years

Japanese Technology

SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT807B

Sumo ADT807B aluminum elevator is a genuine aluminum elevator product of the Japanese Sumo Corporation. Certified by European standards EN131, EN14183, CE for quality. The product is manufactured by advanced technology, with many new changes from the previous models, technical performance has reached international advanced level compared to other series in the market.


SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT807B


SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT807B, The distance between the steps is 30cm, the maximum height of I is 4.4m

With the ability to fold down conveniently to fold, the Sumo ADT807B pulling ladder has a maximum height of 1.03m, which is easy for you to carry around long distances by tidying up. In the trunk of a car or on a motorcycle. Our products meet the European safety standards so you will be completely assured of safety during operation.



The Sumo ADT807B aluminum ladder has a height of 2.1m, which is suitable for electric lamp work, cleaning of ceiling fans, ceilings, and family trimming. The ADT807B helps electricians, telespeople, post office workers, installers of surveillance cameras, advertising signs ... generally change jobs and move. Work position, the product will be very useful for you.


Easy to use for installation and repair of overhead fish

Especially here is the line of products that are always improved for maximum safety of consumers. Uses versatile functions with multiple usable positions and multiple usage heights as well as different usage positions. Especially, the ladder is equipped with safety lock system and modern anti-jamming in the process of using.


The product is equipped with automatic lock between the anti-jamming level for the user


The Sumo ADT807B is equipped with a high-grade plastic ratchet belt and rug, which provides excellent impact resistance and high durability, in order to keep the ladder firm and feel safe for users to climb high.

The two bottom of the ADT808B ladder when folded A made of fine rubber with small grooves, high friction and limited to scratch the floor, the glass floor can resist slippery, can hold firmly. All terrain is extremely good.



The base of the ladder is covered with a high grade of rubber, good slip resistance to keep balance on all terrain, strength, bearing capacity is very good.


- Dimension: (Maximum height of letter A): 2100mm x (Maximum height of straight I): 4400mm x (High when shortened): 1030mm x (Width): 480mm.

- Automatic folding bucket elevator

- Maximum height of letter A: 2.1m

- Max height of I: 4.4m

- Length is reduced to 1.03m

- Weight: 16.8 kg

- Weight of packaging: 18 kg

- Number of levels: 2x7 steps

- Distance between levels: 300mm

- Material: Aluminum

- 150kg load

- Size of packaging: 104 * 48 * 18cm

- European Standard EN131, EN14183, CE.

- Warranty 24 months

- Japanese brand, genuine origin

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