SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT806B

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2 years

Japanese Technology

SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT806B

Sumo is a Japanese brand specializing in aluminum ladders, trolleys ... In which the brand of high grade aluminum Sumo Japan is produced with modern manufacturing technology standards European EN131, EN14183, CE is popular with many customers.

Typical of this type is the SUMO ADT806B Compact Aluminum Ladder (also known as the A or I Straightener). The ladder is made from anodized aluminum alloy that is light, rustproof, non-fading, non-fading, and not only provides durability and durability but also aesthetics.


SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT806B, with a maximum height of 183cm, has a height of 47cm.

SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT806B


The pipe thickness and diameter of the aluminum pipe of the Sumo ADT806B are considerably larger than the conventional ones, with the maximum pipe lengths and the 150kg maximum loading in the ladders on the market. Each step of the aluminum ladder draws ADT806B 30 cm apart and at the joints there is a snap to make sure and safe to use.


Design collapsed at the joints feel safer when used


The two bottom of the ADT806B ladder when folded A made of fine rubber with small grooves, high friction and limited to scratch the floor, the glass floor can resist slippery, can hold firmly. All terrain is extremely good.



The base of the ladder is covered with a high grade of rubber, good slip resistance to keep balance on all terrain, strength, bearing capacity is very good.


The product is used extensively in many areas such as repairing household items at elevated locations where humans can not reach just the original height. Works such as cleaning windows, cleaning ceilings, replacing electric lights, climbing up stairs ... will be very useful when you own products in your family.





- Dimension: 1830mm x (maximum height of I straightening): 3800mm x (high when shortened): 970mm x (Width): 470mm.

- Automatic folding bucket elevator

- Maximum height of letter A: 1.83m

- Max height of I: 3.8m

- The length is reduced to 0.97m

- Weight: 14 kg

- Weight of packaging: 15 kg

- Number of levels: 2x6 steps

- Distance between levels: 300mm

- Material: Aluminum

- 150kg load

- Size of packaging: 98 * 48 * 18cm

- European Standard EN131, EN14183, CE.

- Warranty 24 months

- Japanese brand, genuine origin


· Compact design, modern, solid

· Satisfied European and Japanese safety standards

· High bearing capacity

Standard aluminum material with the largest diameter of the ladder, the largest ladder thickness, the maximum coupler length and the highest

ladder load in the ladder series on the market.

· Grade retention belt made of high quality plastic, with good impact resistance and high durability.

· The base is made of high quality rubber material, very smooth against slip

· High antioxidant capacity

· There are anti-jamming handles between the steps

· Bao Minh Insurance is worth 2 billion VND

· Meets European Standard EN-131, EN14183

· Japanese technology

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