SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT314B

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2 years

Japanese Technology

Thang nhôm rút gọn đơn SUMO ADT314B

SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT314B is a line of aluminum brand Japanese, genuine, are imported complete unit. This is a modern and very versatile ladder. About Us The SUMO ADT314B can be used for different purposes as well as in different working environments, as the ladder line is easy to move and use.


SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT314B


SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT314B Scissors Give You Utilities? It's a safe, comfortable, pleasant and extremely productive working day. If the staff repairing air conditioning, installing the Internet, repairing electricity, painting mural, construction, construction .... often fear with aluminum ladder withdrawal due to lack of versatile, When working hourly on the ladder ... Now, the aluminum ladder draws Sumo ADT314B to bring a whole new experience, extremely comfortable, versatile by intelligent design and maneuverability.





The aluminum ladder system on the ladder for ladders is durable compared to conventional aluminum ladders. The belt is designed with high quality plastic, has good impact resistance and high durability. The SUMO ADT314B Single Sided Aluminum Straightening Belt also guarantees the standard load, so you can be assured of a safe ladder.


The belt is designed with high quality plastic, super durable, create a sense of security for users


Especially here is the line of products that are always improved for maximum safety of consumers. Uses versatile functions with multiple usable positions and multiple usage heights as well as different usage positions. Especially, the ladder is equipped with a modern safety lock system and hand protection latch during use.




The base of the ADT314B is made of premium rubber with small grooves, high friction and limited scratches to the floor, glass floor can resist slippery, can be placed firmly on any terrain extremely good.






- Dimension: (Highest maximum): 4400mm x (High when shortened): 1190mm x (Width): 490mm.

- Maximum height: 4.4m

- The length is reduced to 1.19m

- Weight: 15.5 kg

- Weight of packaging: 16.6 kg

- Number of levels: 15 levels

- Distance between levels: 300mm

- Material: Aluminum

- 150kg load

- Size of packaging: 50.5 * 10 * 121cm

- European Standard EN131, EN14183, CE.

- Warranty 24 months

- Japanese brand, genuine origin


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