SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT312B

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2 years

Japanese Technology

SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT312B

Newage has launched SUMO advanced aluminum ladder, manufactured under Japanese technology, genuine origin. We introduce you ADT312B Single Ladder Aluminum Ladder. ADT312B ladder is one of the products of the Sumo ladder, which was launched in early November 2016. Unlike other ladders on the market, the modern design and solid quality of the ADT312B is superior in every way..



SUMO Aluminum Telescoping Ladder ADT312B


ADT312B Single Aluminum Ladder is made of high quality aluminum alloy, coated with 8micro (0.008mm) thick anti-corrosion silver coating on scratch-resistant surface. With advanced material aluminum Sumo ADT312B aluminum can meet the requirements of all the work needed for the user. In addition to the standard quality aluminum material, the ladder is extremely strong, strong and can withstand impact without distortion.


The outer layer is coated with oxidation-resistant silver


With its modern design, the Sumo aluminum ladder is the perfect choice for power, telecommunications, industry and construction. At the same time, using the Sumo ADT312B aluminum ladder gives a sense of security. Absolutely for the user because the ladder does not have vibration, shaking, sagging curve during work. In addition, the handles to protect against the interlock between the steps will help you avoid the injury, the impact on the finger during use. Particularly, Sumo aluminum collectors have also purchased Bao Minh insurance for VND2 billion for any problems that occur to users, customers can be assured.


All Sumo products are covered by Bao Minh insurance for any problems occurring during use





Anti-slippery anti-slip feet


In addition, the reduced aluminum Sumo single drawback has the fulcrum to build ladders, because it is not a ladder to draw the letter A so it can not be mounted on the rough terrain difficult, and the height of the ladder is withdrawn. Single Sumo is also shorter than the double ladder because of folding A so it can be doubled in height. Therefore, you should only choose a single scale ladder for home use, flat terrain, and fulcrum.


- Dimension: (Highest maximum): 3800mm x (High when shortened): 1090mm x (Width): 475mm.

- Maximum height: 3.8m

- Length reduced 1.09m

- Weight: 12 kg

- Weight of packaging: 13 kg

- Number of levels: 13 levels

- Distance between levels: 300mm

- Material: Aluminum

- 150kg load

- Size of packaging: 50.5 * 10 * 112cm

- European Standard EN131, EN14183, CE.

- Warranty 24 months

- Japanese brand, genuine origin

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